10 Ways to Eat Curried Chicken

Ways To Eat Curried Chicken

Curried chicken is an amazing option if you want a delicious protein that is packed with spices and so much flavor. There are amazing variations from Thailand, Malaysia, India, Jamaica and other food oriented cultures that use their regional blend of spices and ingredients to create mouthwatering curry dishes. Although there are an abundance of classic chicken curry recipes that insanely good, here are 10 different ways to eat curried chicken inspired by the amazing flavor profiles from classic recipes.

1) Curry Chicken Skewers with Lime

These chicken skewers are easy to prepare and have a great curry flavor and aroma accentuated by the smokey grilling and kick of acidic lime.

Find the recipe here: Platings and Pairings

2) Brown Sugar Curry Chicken Wings

This recipe has an incredible crunchy texture and the brown sugar blend brings out the sweet notes in the curry for a delicious wing and original take on curried chicken.

Find the recipe here: My Dish is Bomb

3) Curry Chicken Meatball Sandwich

This is the ultimate sandwich with sweet and juicy curry chicken meatballs pairing beautifully with a toasted roll, zesty mango chutney and nutty provolone.

Find the recipe here: The Flavor Blender

4) Sweet Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich

This delicious take on classic chicken salad is sweet, savory, slightly spicy, and has great texture from the roasted cashews and crunchy onion with fresh notes from cilantro and arugula.

Find the recipe here: The Cozy Apron

5) Malaysian Mamak Fried Chicken

After being marinated in buttermilk, the chicken is rubbed in curry powder and then coated in a curry infused flour mixture before being fried to a flavorful crisp.

Find the recipe here: Curious Nut

6) Grilled Thai Curry Cilantro Chicken

This will be your next go to grilled chicken recipe, which has a sweet, spicy charred glaze that is packed with delicious garlicky flavor.

Find the recipe here: Jeanette's Healthy Living

7) Basil Chicken Curry with Coconut-Ginger Lime Rice

This recipe, with a bright blend of ginger, coconut and lime to flavor the rice is the perfect combination for the curry chicken with fresh basil.

Find the recipe here: Half Baked harvest

8) One Pot Curry Chicken and Rice

For the sake of having one amazing classic recipe, here is an incredible one pot dish featuring delicious, juicy, curry chicken that shares all of it's spice and savory goodness with the surrounding bed of rice.

Find the recipe here: Chef de Home

9) Thai Red Curry Chicken Meatballs

Sweet, spicy, Thai red curry with sweet, rich coconut milk, hot sriracha, and a delicious blend of spices is the perfect sauce for aromatic chicken meatballs with garlic and zesty ginger.

Find the recipe here: Chef Savvy

10) Curry Coconut Chicken Soup

This soup is rich, comforting, and delicious, with a blend of fresh fruity bell peppers, creamy coconut milk, meaty mushrooms, and juicy chicken.

Find the recipe here: Little Rusted Ladle

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