10 Of The Tastiest Savory Bread Pudding Recipes

Savory Bread Pudding Recipes

Most of us think of tend to think of the traditional dessert version of bread pudding. However, your culinary world will open up when you start to try these amazing savory bread pudding recipes. Some are vegetarian, some have savory bacon or sausage, and all are delicious. You can bake them off in individual serving dishes or in a baking pan for a super moist pie-like experience. You can freeze them for later, bake them off whenever you need, or eat immediately for a delicious savory dish.

1) Baby Spinach and Garlic Bread Pudding

Get your fill of garlic and yummy wilted spinach in this moist vegetarian bread pudding.

Find the recipe here: Food and Wine

2) Savory Bread Pudding with Sherry-Roasted Butternut Squash and Brioche

This savory bread pudding has a wonderful depth of flavor with delicious fall butternut squash and baked brioche combination.

Find the recipe here: Food & Style

3) Savory Sausage and Onion Bread Pudding

This sausage and onion bread pudding is reminiscent of a savory holiday stuffing, sure to fill your mouth with wonderful flavors.

Find the recipe here: Little Ferraro Kitchen

4) Parmesan Bread Pudding with Broccoli Rabe and Pancetta

It's hard to think of ingredients that come together more harmoniously than parmesan, pancetta, and broccoli rabe in this rich, savory bread pudding.

Find the recipe here: bon appetit

5) Maple-Bacon-Waffle Bread Pudding

Try this bread pudding for the perfect indulgent breakfast, or a fun anytime-of-day dish.

Find the recipe here: Noble Pig

6) Savory Bread Pudding with Morels and Beet Greens

Here is a great vegetarian bread pudding recipe featuring lovely-textured morels and tasty beet greens.

Find the recipe here: Herbivoracious

7) Savory Bread Pudding with Artichokes and Two Cheeses

Artichokes wilt into a mixture of white cheddar and parmesan to create this mouthwatering savory bread pudding.

Find the recipe here: vegetarian times

8) Savory Dijon, Ham, and Gruyere Bread Pudding with Rosemary

This dish is reminiscent of the baked french sandwich Croque Monsieur, deconstructed into the perfect beard pudding.

Find the recipe here: Morning Sunshine Kitchen

9) Thomas Keller's Savory Leek BRead Pudding--Healthified

Savory bread pudding tends to be pretty rich...Try this healthier take on a delicious leek bread pudding recipe for all the flavor and fewer of the calories.

Find the recipe here: eats well with others

10) Savory Bread Pudding with Bacon, Kale, and Rosemary

Try this aromatic bread pudding for perfect blend of savory bacon, wilted kale and rosemary.

Find the recipe here: The Little Epicurean

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