Paella and 9 Other Dishes From Spain You Need To Try

Amazing Spain Dishes
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Spain has an amazing reputation for vibrant landscapes, music, and let's not forget: food. The Spaniards have done a great job cultivating amazing meat and seafood tapas, or small plates, as well as bigger plates, such as succulent paella. They are also no strangers to a decadent dessert. Check out this amazing paella recipe and nine other Spanish recipes that will leave you craving a trip to this exotic land.

1) Spicy Seafood Paella

Paella is a delicious dish originating in Valencia, which many of us consider to be the quintessential Spanish dish. Here is a flavorful Andalusian paella recipe with a little spice for those who love traditional paella but want to bring the spice up a notch.

Find the recipe here: Food52

2) Pulpo a la Gallega

This octopus dish native to the Galician region of Spain is tender, succulent and makes for the perfect seafood bite.

Find the recipe here: That Other Cooking Blog

3) Smoky Albondigas

Spanish meatballs are a traditional dish that is hard to pass up. Try this recipe that comes complete with a rich tomato sauce and smoky flavor profile.

Find the recipe here: Olive Magazine

4) Gazpacho

Chilled gazpacho is the perfect dish for a hot day...or any day really. Try this recipe filled with fresh tomatoes and vegetables blended into a zesty, flavorful soup.

Find the recipe here: Taste love Nourish

5) Gambas al Ajillo

Shrimp sauteed in garlic is a traditional Spanish dish packed with flavor and tender, delicious shrimp.

Find the recipe here: PBS Food

6) Tortilla de Patatas

A Spanish tortilla may be different than the Mexican and Central American tortillas you are accustomed to. This one functions as a hearty dish made mainly from potatoes and onions, and seasoned to perfection.

Find the recipe here: bon appetit

7) Croquetas

These deep fried croquettes are a typical tapas dish, filled with savory ham on the inside and a perfect crust on the outside.

Find the recipe here: Jose Pizarro

8) Tigres

This mussel dish packed with flavor is a lovely blend of chopped mussels, onion, tomato, pepper, and chilli.

Find the recipe here: The Traveler's Lunchbox

9) Churros con Chocolate

Churros with chocolate. We all know what they are, and we can all agree that they're delicious. Luckily, they're easy to make and even easier to eat.

Find the recipe here: Just a Taste

10) Crema Catalana

This Spanish version of creme brulee is sweet, creamy, and the perfect dessert.

Find the recipe here: Spain Buddy

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