Elegant Espresso-Inspired Desserts

Espresso Inspired Desserts

Espresso has such a distinct, rich flavor, and whether you're are a fan of a double shot or a cappuccino, or perhaps espresso isn't your favorite drink, it has a wonderful capacity to bring out the all the rich notes in chocolate dishes and is often used to accent desserts made with chocolate. Here are 10 examples of delicious, elegant espresso-inspired desserts for the chocolate and/or espresso lover. Which one is your favorite?

1) Roasted Pears with Espresso Mascarpone Cream

This dessert is elegant, subtle, fruity, and rich with a beautiful espresso mascarpone cream as the perfect compliment to roasted pears.

Find the recipe here: Food52

2) Espresso Ganache Tart

This tart with a buttery crumbly crust is the perfect blend of chocolate and espresso flavors for a beautiful dessert

Find the recipe here: the view from great island

3) Caramel Espresso Flan/Butter Roux Cake

This might be the best flan recipe to ever exist. The essence of espresso is the perfect compliment to the creamy flan richness.

Find the recipe here: Lady and Pups

4) Chocolate Espresso Caramels

These elegant caramels are a rich blend of chocolate and espresso to give that extra something to a classic caramel recipe.

Find the recipe here: wanna come with?

5) Chewy Double Chocolate Espresso Cookies

Who doesn't love a good chewy chocolate cookie? This recipe takes chocolate cookies to the next level with that rich and delicious espresso flavor that only does the best things for chocolate.

Find the recipe here: Back to Her Roots

6) Espresso Panna Cotta

This is an elegant dessert for a dinner party that blends cream, sugar, and espresso into the perfect dish.

Find the recipe here: Passionate about baking

7) Espresso Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

If are one of the lucky ones who has an ice cream maker, you must try this amazing recipe. Or borrow your friend's ice cream maker to get your cold, crunchy, creamy, sweet espresso fill.

Find the recipe here: Table For Two

8) Chocolate Coffee Truffles

These truffles are rich, elegant, mouthfuls of heaven and a beautiful blend of chocolate and coffee.

Find the recipe here: Bakerella

9) Chocolate Espresso Custard

This custard is rich, creamy, espresso-y, and chocolatey for the perfect after dinner dessert. Pair it with an espresso or cup of coffee for the ultimate espresso experience.

Find the recipe here: Pastry Affair

10) Chocolate Espresso Hazelnut Tart

This tart is pure crunchy, chocolatey goodness accented by lovely espresso essence. A must try recipe.

Find the recipe here: The Candid Appetite

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