Amazing Appetizers Starring Mushrooms

Mushroom & Sage Polenta Cakes
The Divine Addiction

Mushrooms are a perfect ingredient to utilize for appetizers. They're meaty, flavorful, versatile, and easy to prepare. There are tons of great recipes for pre-dinner snacks, appetizers, and other small plates to get your appetite going, but not fill you up too much. Here are 10 great options for mushroom snacks and appetizers to please everyone's palette for any family meal or dinner party.

1) Mushroom Pate

Here is an elegant option for a pre dinner party snack to be paired with an elegant cocktail or glass of wine.

Find the recipe here: Culinary Ginger

2) Mushroom and Spinach Puffs

Here is another great option for a delicious mushroom snack. Hosting a dinner party or game night? Try out this recipe!

Find the recipe here: The Cookie Writer

3) Creamy Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms

These stuffed mushrooms are tiny morsels of savory, meaty deliciousness. They are perfect as a starter for any meal or paired with other small plates.

Find the recipe here: Food52

4) Port-Cooked Mushroom Bruschetta With Brie

These crunchy mushroom bruschetta have a perfect blend of earthy mushroom with smooth brie.

Find the recipe here: Honest Cooking

5) Garlic Mushroom Kabobs

These kabobs are simple, tasty, and so easy to prepare. Pair them with a steak dinner or serve them as appetizers for a bright, earthy dish.

Find the recipe here: Damn Delicious

6) Creamy Spinach Stuffed Mushroom

This is a great, delicious vegetarian option for a stuffed mushroom appetizer.

Find the recipe here: Slice of Kitchen Life

7) Grilled Cheese With Gouda, Roasted Mushroom, and Onions

These are a little decadent, but cut them up into bite size squares for the perfect snack for entertaining.

Find the recipe here: she wears many hats

8) Mushroom, Herb, and Gruyere Mini Turnovers

These are the perfect pocket blending aromatic herbs, earthy mushrooms, and nutty, zesty gruyere. They make a great party snack or before dinner appetizer.

Find the recipe here: Kendall-Jackson

9) Mushroom & Sage Polenta Cakes

Here is a great, elegant appetizer to impress any crowd with this perfect bite.

Find the recipe here: The Divine Addiction

10) Mushroom and Barley Pie

This pie is flaky, flavorful, and the ideal snack when cut into appetizer portions.

Find the recipe here: Smitten Kitchen

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